Silent Hill, is a place like no other,
an otherworld town, nestled by a lake.
A blanketing fog reached out to smother
and I felt it wanted my soul to take.
I felt like a child torn from her mother;
shaking my head as I started to wake.
I remember the crash, I remember the fear,
but I don’t remember what brought me here.



Then a festering creature brushed my side
then fear seeped in, for a taste of my soul.
I ran down the street for a place to hide
for I knew it would try to eat me whole.
I smelled its breath so I quickened my stride;
If it had a heart, it was black as coal.
My heart was pounding as I ran ahead,
I had to escape from the living dead.



Into the building, I ran through the door;
slammed it behind me, I thought I was clear.
The hallways were dark I better explore.
I moved toward a light that glowed in the rear,
my footsteps padded the creeks in the floor.
I knew in my heart, I’d never leave here.
So now time has passed, I remain here still
I can’t find my way out of Silent Hill.